Revision Tips and Tricks

Revision Tips & Tricks

What is the Importance of Revision?

Revision helps you to remember facts, figures, topics and methodologies that you have covered some time ago. If Revision is done well it will help increase your confidence and reduce anxiety – you will be well prepared for your examination.

Make a revision plan, include all the subjects and areas covered by your upcoming exams. Make sure that your plan is realistic. Give yourself enough time to revise properly as well as breaks for relaxation. The revision plan needs to be flexible enough to allow for some things taking longer than expected.

Revise subjects and topics that make you feel anxious earlier on in the revision plan. This will help reduce anxiety because you will feel that you have more time to deal with them. You don’t need to tackle the difficult areas first. Revising subjects you know well will boost your confidence – but don’t put off the difficult areas until the last minute.

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