In Year 10, you will follow a block programme of activities where you are taught for 8 weeks in each activity, in mixed and ability groups. The emphasis within these activities will be to build upon previous work and to give you a further insight and an understanding of the greater technical and tactical demands needed to play, coach and officiate at a higher level.

During the year, ample opportunity will be given for you to develop your own personal skills outside the PE lessons and to contribute to the development of some of the younger students in the school.

You will be encouraged to take note of personal aspects of health, your own fitness and to lead other students in warm-up and team/group activities. In response to this, all students will be given the opportunity to take the Sport Leaders Award [Level 1].

In Year 11, an extension programme exists to give you the opportunity to select activities that you particularly enjoy, that you wish to improve and that will provide you with physical exercise opportunities.


KS4 Specification

Subject Curriculum Overview - PE