Business Network


We’re thrilled to be launching our Joining the Dots membership scheme to create an innovative and informal alliance bridging the gap between New Mills School and businesses and employers in the local community.

At New Mills School we are committed to ensuring our students are best prepared for their lives in modern Britain and in order to achieve this we want to help the students to understand more about the world of work, the different possibilities out there and to get inspired.

Our objectives for this scheme are:

(1)     To encourage young people to hold high aspirations for themselves.

(2)     To ensure students understand the opportunities available to them locally and make realistic choices.

(3)     To further students’ understanding of what employers are looking for.

(4)     To allow students to have experiences of workplaces that are meaningful and rewarding.

(5)     To improve communication between local businesses and the school in order to close the skills gap.

(6)     To give local businesses the opportunity to get involved with the school

By becoming a member of Joining the Dots, you will join local businesses in supporting the employability of our next generation.

Some activities we anticipate running over the next year are:

  • Y10 Future’s Week – activities to encourage Year 10 students to think about their choices at 16, 18 and long term.
  • Annual careers fair.
  • Work experience for Year 10.

Career insight talks in which you share your career story and experience.

  • If you wish, come into school and run a workshop or taster session to showcase your talents and profession.

We believe that your involvement could help ensure these events are more meaningful and insightful, and will inspire young people to think about their future. If you would like to get involved of find out more, please get in touch with Emma Maslen via email at or phone 01663743284

Alternatively, please fill out the membership form below and return it via email or post to Emma Maslen. 

Membership Form.