Request for absence during term time

We ask for parental support in ensuring that family holidays are not taken during term time. The link between educational attainment and school attendance is well proven and we do want to instil in our young people the message that full attendance at school is extremely important for their future educational success.

Requests for any leave of absence should be made on the form appended below.

Please Note:
In line with DFE policy the school's position is that leave of absence in term time will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances such as family weddings, funerals, educational examinations or participation in religious observance and then only if attendance is over 90%.
Availability of cheap holidays and overlap with the beginning and end of term will not be accepted as exceptional circumstances.

If school or external examinations are missed, students will not be able to take them at a later date.

Students are responsible for making sure they complete work missed through absence.

Parents should be aware that periods of unauthorised absence may lead to a fixed penalty notice being issued by the Education Welfare Service.

Request for absence in term-time