Science is important because it encompasses all things in the world.  It explains the world around us from microscopic to macroscopic.  It has helped and continues to help explain the big questions of the universe.  Most news stories are underpinned with scientific facts, discoveries and information.  The everything from the latest gadgets to medical breakthroughs have their basis in science.  At New Mills school we believe that our pupils need to have a thorough understanding of science to ensure that they can understand and make sense of their world. 

In the science department our aim is to create a stimulating learning environment. We want all our pupils, regardless of ability or background to develop into enthusiastic and scientifically literate young people. We believe that the skills required to be a good scientist are required across all disciplines for learning and set pupils up for life, no matter what job or career path is chosen. 

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GCSE Science - BBC Bitesize Students follow either AQA combined science trilogy or AQA separate sciences Students should email their science teacher if they have forgotten the login in details. 

For GCSE students Kerboodle is also available, again students should email their science teacher if they have forgotten their login details.

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