About us

Welcome to New Mills School Library. Our library itself is situated inside a beautiful domed building. The educative scenes depicted on the outstanding stained-glass windows are the very foundation of our library policy. We encourage students to read for pleasure and information, and have worked hard to update our stocks of fiction and non-fiction to facilitate this.

Our multi-media facilities are excellent. We provide thirteen networked computers, which are available throughout the school day. Our software packages are updated frequently and cover all subjects, extensively.

Opening Times

The LRC is used throughout the day in tutor periods and for lessons. Teaching staff use a booking system to reserve facilities and resources if they wish to teach in the library. It is also used as a venue for meetings and events.

The library is also open to students at break and at lunchtime.

We remain committed to the LRC’s continuous development, ensuring it continues to be a popular and delightfully busy focal point within our school.

Scholastic Book Club

Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running! Go to Scholastic Digital Book Club

The deadline for our Scholastic Book Club has changed. The latest date you can place your order at is now March 22nd, 2024.