Extended Services

We work with a range of services to support parents and students both in and beyond school.

New Mills – Early Help Support Team

This service supports New Mills School to support local families with issues such as education support, careers services, children's centres and health and social care under an Early Help assessment.

The team works closely with us and other organisations to support local people.

School Health

Referrals to the School Nurse are made when there is a concern about a student’s health and well-being and its effect on his/her ability to attend/access school.

In the vast majority of cases, parents are informed of such referrals, but if a young person requests access to the school nurse, this may be done in confidence to enable appropriate support. The School will always consider each case individually before making a decision about whether to inform parents and will act on what we feel is in the young person’s best interests.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

CAMHS support children and young people with mental health issues, a growing concern in today’s society. Again, in the overwhelming majority of cases, parents will be consulted and approval sought for support from CAMHS. In rare circumstances, CAMHS can support young people without this consent.


The School works collaboratively with the local police and PCSOs to support and inform students about the law, keeping themselves safe and community issues.

Educational Psychology Service (EPS)

The School’s Educational Psychologist can help us to support students with Special Educational Needs or those who are finding learning difficult. Diagnostic testing and information gathering is necessary in order to pursue a possible Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) (see SEN section) and parents are always requested to consent to such support/testing.

School Counsellor

The School buys in the services of a trained school counsellor from Turning the Page.  Our counsellor attends school every Wednesday and meets with identified students to support them with emotional difficulties.  This service is available to all students (by referral) and is confidential. Parents are always informed that their child is accessing such support.  We always encourage young people to discuss with home their appointment with the counsellor with  their parents/carers.

Behaviour Support Service (BSS)

This is layer of support is an external service which we can access. BSS do support students with a Statement of SEN or EHCP who are experiencing difficulty with their schooling and whose behaviour is putting their school place at risk. However, we can pay for additional support for other students should the need arise.

Local Businesses

We have a long and well-established association with many of the businesses in New Mills and its surrounding areas. Work placements are provided by local business for some students as part of their educational provision.