KS3 Food and Nutrition

Students have a 1 hour lesson per week throughout key stage 3. The students cook every other week throughout Years 7,8 & 9. Ingredients are provided from home. This is a practical subject and so the teaching methods reflect this. The students will be shown every other week how to make the dishes and taught vital skills and equipment that they will need. There is a strong emphasis on safety and hygiene in the kitchen throughout the three years. The students assess each practical and identify areas to improve. Verbal feedback is given during practical sessions to enable the students to make progress. They will study nutrition, the ‘eatwell’ plate, food origins, shopping habits and the functions of ingredients as well as much more.

The recipes can also be found on this website. In addition to developing their practical skills, pupils will learn about choosing a healthy diet and the importance of Food Hygiene. All recipes are guaranteed to be delicious and will be enjoyed by families at home.


National Curriculum Cooking & Nutrition


Students are to measure, weigh and where possible shop for their own ingredients. They will always be given the recipe 1 week in advance. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have the ingredients for the practical lesson. If they do not complete the homework then a detention will be given. If they fail on two occasions this will be an after school detention and parents will be contacted.