Drama is not just about acting, although if you enjoy acting you will certainly enjoy Drama. It covers all the skills that are involved in making and appreciating performance. It is in this subject where students hone their creativity, learn to work productively in groups, and have opportunities to problem-solve and develop leadership skills in an unthreatening context. Communication, social skills, textual analysis and emotional literacy are all richly explored through Drama.

Students will learn to create drama from scratch through improvisation or devising from a stimulus, or they will learn how to develop a polished performance from a written script. They will sharpen their analytical skills and express their ideas and responses both verbally and in writing. Students enjoy studying Drama at New Mills School and those with good attendance, a strong work ethic and a desire to work creatively and collaboratively with others do very well.


Curriculum Maps

BTEC Tech Award PERFORMING ARTS Level 1/Level 2