The school is entirely non-selective in its admissions procedures. Our PAN (planned admission number) currently stands at 171 per year group.

Students at primary school who may want to apply for a place at New Mills School & Sixth Form are offered a programme of events to facilitate a smooth transition to secondary school.

A Prospective Parents’ Evening is held in September for all interested Year 5 and 6 students and parents. This is an opportunity to have a look around the school, meet the staff, meet some students and ask questions. Likewise, if parents of prospective students would like to see us on a ‘normal working day,’ then this can be arranged by telephoning Mrs Julie Bull, the Head’s Secretary.

All Year 6 students from feeder primary schools attend a Bonding day at New Mills in September. This is organised by the primary schools but delivered by a combination of external companies and primary and secondary school staff.

In the spring term visits are made to all primary schools where students have applied for a place at New Mills by Ms Gower, progress Leader for Year 7 and Year 8. These visits involve each prospective student having an individual appointment, as well as a meeting with the Year 6 teacher, to ensure that close liaison between the primary schools and New Mills School takes place.

Induction days at New Mills for prospective Year 7 students are arranged in July specifically to prepare Year 6 students for joining the school in September. Parents are invited to attend an evening meeting following the induction days to prepare them for the imminent change to secondary school.

On arrival in September, Year 7 students are inducted into school routines and procedures by their form tutor, and are supported in pastoral matters by Mrs Johnston, Year Manager for Year 7 and Y8, Ms Gower and their form tutor.

We are happy to take ‘out of area’ students and liaise with the student's previous school to ensure a smooth transition. If a prospective student is in Year 6 we extend the programme outlined above where practical. If in older year groups, the prospective student and parents are invited into school to meet staff, tour the school and discuss any aspect of moving to New Mills School & Sixth Form.

Please see our Transition page for further information