Personal Development KS3

Personal Development at New Mills School aims to bring together Religious Studies, Citizenship and PSHE. We aim to explore philosophical, religious and ethical issues in society. We also aim to investigate religions, communities and ethnicities around the world and in the UK. We aim for our students to understand equality, inclusion and wellbeing of themselves and others. Within this subject students will learn about themselves, what it is to be a global citizen, British values, other religious beliefs which will reduce stereotyping and broaden their knowledge and understanding.

Students complete the following units during KS3

Year 7:

  • Friendships and bullying
  • P4C (Philosophy for children) (RS)
  • Belief in God (RS)
  • Christianity (Citizenship)
  • PSHE (Healthy living and sex and relationships education)

Year 8:

  • Islam (RS)
  • Buddhism (RS)
  • Equality and diversity (RS & Citizenship)
  • LGBTQ+
  • PSHE (Emotional Health and Wellbeing and sex and relationships education)

Year 9:

  • Matters of Life and Death (RS and Citizenship)
  • Judaism (RS)
  • The political system of the UK (Citizenship)
  • Crime and Punishment  (RS and Citizenship)
  • PSHE (Drugs and alcohol education and Sex and relationships education)

Students will complete one internal assessment for each unit and they will be given a Grade 1-9 for their work.


New Mills School follows the Derbyshire locally agreed syllabus for Religious Studies which is complemented by the PSHE Association’s advised content and the National Curriculum specification for Citizenship.


Extended homework opportunities will be set on a half-term basis and will encourage students independent learning skills.


RE Extended learning tasks