Next Steps

Next Steps

After you have completed your GCSEs there are a range of possibilities open to you including continuing education by taking A levels or going down one of several technical education routes now available, including T Levels.

Colleges offer several types of courses including A’levels, T’levels and vocational courses such as BTECs. A’ levels are academic subjects, normally assessed through exams; you pick three subjects. T’levels are full time college courses in vocational subjects. You pick one subject and study a range of modules. These courses come with work experience normally equating to one day a week. Finally, vocational courses that come in different sizes, and different levels. They are assessed through a mixture of coursework and controlled assessment. You can mix them with A’levels at some colleges; at others a vocational course is a full-time course that you study on its own.

You can apply for as many colleges as you want.

At New Mills School our careers programme provides our students with a well-rounded education in careers, and provides them understanding on how to equip themselves with the necessary skills and tools to succeed in life beyond the classrooms here at New Mills School.

For more information and college contact details visit our Careers page

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