At New Mills School we reward students who demonstrate our core values of being Respectful, Reflective, Resilient, Resourceful and Responsible. These rewards take may forms,some of which are describe below.

Staff Comments: We are a very positive community and students regularly receive praise form staff verbally and written on their work.

R points: Students can receive an achievement point for any of the 5Rs. This may be through classwork, homework, extra curricular activity or something the student has done during break, lunch time or after school. R points are totaled for each student, each form and each year. The highest totals receive awards in termly assemblies.

Praise Postcards: Student receive praise postcards at home when they have "gone the extra mile" in some way. These can be awarded by any member of staff, and  the Headteacher signs each one. A praise postcard also gives the student 5 achievement points for the relevant "R".

Progress and Attainment Certificates: Students are formally assessed in each subject three times per year. Using this information shortlists are created of students who are making the most progress and attainment in each subject. These shortlists are circulated to the forms in each year group. One student from each shortlist is selected  to receive a certificate in recognition of their high attainment or progress.

Attendance Awards: We regard good attendance to be paramount to a student's success at school. Levels of attendance are scrutinised termly and those with 100% attendance are awarded. We do account for unavoidable circumstance in awarding these reweds. For one term of excellent attendance a student receives a bronze award, for two terms they receive a silver award and for three terms they receive a gold award. These awards are badges which students wear on their blazers.

Subject Badges: At the end of each year we hold a presentation evening. Part of this evening sees one student in each subject awarded a subject badge to show that they have the top progress or top attainment over the year in that subject. Students are selected in a similar way to the termly assemblies, but accounting for the whole year's work. These badges are worn on blazers.