Personal Development

Personal Development is a combination of Religious Education, Personal and Social Education and Citizenship. Although each of the curriculum areas within Personal Development  has its own distinct aims, objectives and subject content, it is our belief that these areas can and do complement each other and provide a well- balanced education for all our pupils. The Personal Development  curriculum is a fundamental element of how we cater for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our students at a classroom level.

As part of the curriculum students are taught about different people’s faiths, feelings and values and are encouraged to reflect on their own beliefs whilst contemplating the varying beliefs of others in a diverse world. New Mills School follows the Derbyshire locally agreed syllabus for Religious Studies which is complemented by the PSHE Association’s advised content and the National Curriculum specification for Citizenship. The Personal Development  curriculum seeks to cultivate students’ individual fascination in learning about themselves and others. Students are routinely encouraged to share their own experiences and explore how these link to the wider world around them. High expectations are set for the promotion of tolerance, respect, understanding and appreciation of the diverse communities in which we live.

Through our curriculum we aim to develop the ability to recognise the difference between right and wrong so that students are increasingly able to respect the civil and criminal law of England and in turn students develop their own moral code. In both Key Stages 3 and 4 students explore different aspect of law and the justice system. Through an inquiry-based curriculum students are given opportunities to develop their individual sense of self whilst equally recognising the importance of respecting British values and cultural diversity. In delivering the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Studies we actively ensure that students experience a number of different religions, world views and secular standpoints and have the chance to work and socialise with people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Extended Learning in RE

Beliefs and Values Curriculum Map