English KS4

In Y10-11 students follow the AQA specifications for English Language and English Literature. This includes the study of a Shakespeare play, 19th century prose, a modern drama/novel, selected poetry and various non-fiction texts. Students must develop writing skills over a number of genres, notably literary criticism as well as descriptive/narrative. Finally, they will be assessed on Spoken Language, a requirement of the course though this does not contribute to their overall GCSE grades. Final assessment is as follows:

English Language

Paper 1: Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing Paper 2: Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives Non-examination Assessment – Spoken Language
Exam – 1 hour 45 mins - 50% of GCSE Exam – 1 hour 45 mins - 50% of GCSE Teacher set task. Marked by teacher. Separate endorsement - 0% of GCSE
  • Section A: Reading - one literature fiction text
  • Section B: Writing - descriptive or narrative writing
  • Section A: Reading - one non-fiction text and one literary non-fiction text
  • Section B: Writing - writing to present a viewpoint
  • presenting
  •  responding to questions and feedback
  • use of Standard English

GCSE English Language Specification Specification for first teaching in 2015 (aqa.org.uk)

English Literature

Paper 1: Shakespeare and the 19th -- -century novel Paper 2: Modern texts and poetry
Exam – 1 hour 45 mins - 40% of GCSE Exam – 2 hours 15 mins - 60% of GCSE
Section A: Shakespeare
  • one question on a play studied in class (extract-based qu).
Section B: 19th-century novel
  • one question on a text studied in class (extract-based qu).
Section A: Modern texts
  • one essay question from a choice of two on their studied prose/drama text.
Section B: Poetry
  • one comparative question based on poems studied in class.
Section C: Unseen Poetry
  • one question on one unseen poem then one question comparing this with a second unseen poem.

GCSE English Literature Specification for first teaching in 2015 2015

As expected, homework for KS4 will focus on developing skills which will not only improve their English standards, but will also best prepare them for the examinations they will face at the end of Y11.

We hope to offer similar enrichment to KS3, but building on this with targeted examination courses/conferences.

Long term YEAR 10 & 11 - 2017 onwards