iVolunteer is our school based volunteering project.
vInspired is a nationally recognised organisation.
vInspired for schools – accreditation for all students who are volunteers.

What is it?

Each student has an online account where they log hours spent volunteering towards a vInspired award.

How does it work?

vInspired schools provides an opportunity for all young people who devote any of their own time volunteering for schools and other appropriate community activities to be recognised, whether this is attending a Student Voice meeting, helping to plan an assembly or organising a charity event.

Young people add hours to their online personal volunteering account. They include a referee (the name and contact details of an adult who is in charge of the activity e.g. the name of a teacher and their email address); this referee is used centrally to verify that volunteering has taken place. Volunteering hours build towards vInspired awards. These are v10, v50 and v100 certificates. The numbers are representative of the hours spent volunteering.

Does it extend to volunteering beyond New Mills School?

Yes! Students can log any volunteering that they do. For example, they may be involved with Scouts/ Guides or church organisations, to name a few. If students have a reference to verify the time that they have spent volunteering this can count towards their vInspired award. Older students can add time that they have spent volunteering to help to prepare them for future careers e.g. time spent in hospices, care homes etc. Students who are not currently involved with volunteering outside of NMS can also search for available opportunities through their membership of the scheme e.g. become an online mentor for primary school children.

What about after NMS?

vInspired schools is part of a wider charity called vInspired. This enables young people up to the age of 25 to continue to log their volunteering hours meaning that students can continue to build up a resume of what they have done. vInspired awards are recognised by UCAS and major employers as a way for students to formally quantify the volunteering that they have done.

If you are involved in any of the following activities within school you are eligible to register for vInspired.

  • Anti Bullying Ambassadors
  • Sports Leaders
  • Senior Students
  • Student Council Representatives

Register today or speak to Mrs Davies for more information.

Why Volunteer?

There are loads of benefits to doing something for a good cause. You learn new skills, meet new people, and help your career - all at the same time as doing some good in the world.

Into music? You could volunteer at a music festival and get a free ticket in return. Love sport? There's loads of local sports clubs looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out. What about travelling? Try a different part of the world to expand your horizons. Or maybe you prefer to stay at home? No problem. You can sign up online and make a difference without moving off your sofa.

Wherever you want to go in life, volunteering can help you get there.

Volunteering hours will impress future employers!

73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without. 94% of volunteers got their first job or a promotion thanks to the experience.

Volunteering demonstrates transferable skills, which you'll need to get a job or impress at your university interview. By donating your time to others and showing off your vInspired Awards you become a skilled sort of someone that every employer wants on their team.