Exam Information

Examination Timetables

New Mills School hopes that all Student’s will be successful in their exams. We want you to be best prepared for the exams you take and to ensure they run as smoothly as possible.

It is the aim of New Mills School to make the examination experience as stress-free and successful as possible for all candidates.

Here you will find all the information you will need to know when completing your controlled assessments along with exam board details, our school policies for exams and information about results day and when your certficates will be issued.  You will also find useful resources for revision and exam related wellbeing support.

GCSE exams take place in May/June 2024.  The dates of the exams are set nationally, not by the school.  You will receive an individual timetable with the dates and times on for each of the exams you have been entered for.

Your teacher notifies the Exams Office which exams you are to be entered for and in response you will receive a statement of entry and an individual timetable with the dates and times of all the exams you have been entered for.

The school's policy is based upon the recognition that for the vast majority of students the acquisition of a certificate of performance is an important part of their educational objectives.

Students will always be entered for examinations if staff feel that they have worked and performed to a level commensurate with their abilities. Parents will always be consulted if it is felt wiser, for whatever reason, not to enter a student. In rare circumstances, students may be asked to pay for their exam entrance fee in advance of the exam (if, for instance, there is real concern that they may not turn up for the exam); fees will be paid back to the student upon completion of that exam.

All enquiries relating to exams should be sent to the Exams Officer in school.

Exams Officer – Laura Bradbury
Tel: 01663 743284, ext. 201
Email: exams@newmillsschool.co.uk