Exam board – OCR Geography GCSE B


The OCR B Geography qualification aims to encourage our students to think like geographers through an enquiry approach to contemporary topics of study. The enquiry questions allow students to be engaged in the subject matter and understand how the content is relevant to them.

An enquiry approach to geography ensures students are discovering something about the nature of geographical knowledge and how the scope of the subject is changed by the questions which are asked. Study, contextualised through exciting topics, will allow students to easily engage with the subject matter.

The qualification integrates fieldwork and geographical skills into the content and assessments, giving a holistic approach to their assessment. This will ensure these skills are embedded within teaching and learning.

The GCSE (9–1) in Geography B (Geography for Enquiring Minds) will provide students with a solid grounding, whether they are going on to Further Education, Higher Education or the workplace. The qualification aims to inspire a passion for Geography within students which encourages an interest in the subject beyond academic achievements, for the rest of their life.

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Students are expected to complete a minimum of 1 hour homework per week.
The tasks will be in many different forms. However, the most common tasks will be research and development of case studies, and practice papers.

If no specific homework task is set, students are expected to spend their time producing revision materials from their notes.


•    Intervention sessions are available at crucial times of the year.
•    Students are encouraged to read around the subject either through geographical magazines or revision guides.

GCSE - Geography B (Geography for Enquiring Minds) (9-1) - J384 (from 2016) - OCR