Aims of the Course 

As we move deeper into the 21st Century it becomes ever harder to escape the reach and influence of modern media.  We carry it with us on our smartphones; we sit with it in our homes and offices.  We actively seek it out, using social networks to find it and share it.  It influences everything that we do and it is the most powerful tool in shaping and framing the world in which we live. 

We believe that understanding the media and the way it shapes our lives is an indispensable tool in today’s society.  In Media Studies we encourage students to explore how the choices they make and the media they consume effects their attitudes, outlook and behaviour 

It is our goal to equip you with a knowledge and understanding of a wide range of media sectors.  To give you the language to explore the texts you enjoy and to give you the insight to see how they influence you.  We want you to leave with both a good theoretical knowledge of the media and with practical skills that are applicable in the real world. 

Course Content

Media Studies offers an exploration of a wide range of media texts and industries.  You will tackle both print and moving image texts looking at examples from film, TV, magazines, newspapers,  posters, adverts and even computer games. 

All projects will include practical work as well as written. You will  get a chance to use the  editing suite and industry standard  software such as Photoshop and Premier Pro.  These machines  and this software are used across the media sectors and can be found in advertising agencies, film studios and editing houses. 

You will also complete and wide range of creative design tasks; drawing storyboards, creating ‘mock ups’ and planning your own films, posters and magazines. 


Assessment in media studies is a mix of coursework and summative exam based assessment.  You will complete two coursework units that are internally assessed by your class teacher and external moderated by the exam board.  These coursework units will include a mix of essay writing, creative design work and practical media (such as filming and editing).  They are worth over 50% of your overall grade.  There is also a synoptic final exam that you will set at the end of Y11.  This exam will cover knowledge from every aspect of the course, testing your knowledge of media theory, as well as your practical skills.