At New Mills School we believe in doing things the right way; starting and ending the day with the right attitude, the right ambitions and ultimately, achieving the right results.

We aim to:

•    Create a positive culture that promotes excellent behaviour, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to learn in a calm, safe and supportive environment

•    Establish a whole-school approach to maintaining high standards of behaviour that reflect the values of our school

•    Outline the expectations and consequences (rewards and sanctions) of behaviour

•    Provide a consistent approach to behaviour management that is applied consistently by staff

•    Define what we consider to be unacceptable behaviour, including bullying and discrimination

The school’s behaviour policy is based around the principles that all students should be “Ready to Learn”

The Ready to Learn Policy enable the school to maintain an environment conducive to learning, one which safeguards students and protects their rights to be educated. We aim to create an inclusive, safe community that values every individual and inspires them to achieve their full potential.  

The policy will apply at all times when students are the responsibility of school staff and when they are out of school as the responsibility of others and are acting in such a way as to bring the school into disrepute (whether or not they are in school uniform) e.g., to and from school, on educational visits, sporting events, etc.  
Our Ready to Learn Policy is based on three basic expectations that for students to fulfil their potential at New Mills school, students are at all times, ready, respectful and safe.

Ready to Learn policy