Key stage 4 French or German

The aim of the course is to enable students to communicate effectively in French or German in everyday situations. A knowledge of a language helps to give the opportunity to work in international business as well as to live and work in many parts of the world.

The GCSE topics are media and culture; sport and leisure; travel and tourism; business, work and employment and school.

On completion of a topic area there will be a controlled assessment. For writing, 2 pieces will be submitted, each being about 200 words long and done under test conditions. There is controlled assessment of two speaking topics during the course which can take the form of a presentation, a picture based discussion or an open ended role play task. Controlled assessments should be treated as examinations as each is worth 15% of the total GCSE mark.

The final exams are for listening and reading at Foundation (grades G - C) or Higher Level (grades D - A*); students can enter a mixture of Foundation and Higher Levels.

Controlled Assessment 60% (Writing 30%, Speaking 30%)
Listening & Reading 40% (listening 20%, reading 20%)

Good study habits, organisation and thorough preparation, as well as a determination to succeed, are the most important criteria for success.

Specification : June 2017


French Specification

German Specification


Vocab Express weekly learning / vocabulary printed books

Written tasks, grammar exercises, research, learning and preparation for assessments and other homework as set