Key Stage 3 French or German

In year 7 students understand and use language (2-3 exchanges, 1-3 short paragraphs with simple linking) about greetings, numbers, dates, school equipment, say likes and dislikes, hobbies, colours, animals, family members, describe where they live and are going to live, order food and drink, nationalities, countries and the weather, describing theirs and other’s appearance and personality and school and enjoy chocolate.

In year 8, students understand and use languages (in short conversations, 2-4 linked paragraphs using description opinions, reasons and different time frames) about computers and IT, sports and other activities, describing places, directions, going on holiday, making preparations and arrangements, cafés, wishes, dreams, and what you would like to do. They learn something about parts of the body, the solar system, large number and statistics about planets, daily routine at the international space station, space food, the Apollo 11 moon landing, wild places, animals, poetry, paintings.

In year 9, students learn about capital cities (Berlin / Paris), can describe places and how they used to be, transport, and say what they have done there; they learn about business and marketing "Innocent", they talk about their identity, describing, friends, media, music and style choices, sport and free-time activities, describe where their houses and local environment and food in the UK and France of Germany eat. They carry out short conversations ask questions, translate short passages and the best students will be able to write up to 200 words using several different time frames with a logical flow.

At Key stage 3, teaching resouces are text books, (Studio and Echo) articles, stories, poems and songs, video clips and internet materials.

Assessment is carried out at the end of a module and is a combination of all 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks.


National Curriculum pp 215-216


  • Vocab Express weekly learning / vocabulary printed books
  • Written tasks, grammar exercises, research, learning and preparation for assessments and other homework as set