Students will first be introduced to the Computer Network in New Mills School. They will then be shown how to look after their own personal area, how to save work in folders and the importance of keeping passwords and work safe. They then spend some time getting used to the features and importance of email, and their own personal school email.

Students then look at E-safety issues such as cyber bullying and text bullying, and will go on to produce a short animation designed to make others aware of these issues.

Students will undertake a unit of work that introduces them to the internal components of the computer. They have to research the different components and demonstrate an understanding of how these parts work together to make the computer function. Following this we touch on binary and how data is represented in computers.

Students will learn how to write simple programs using at least 2 different programming languages such as Python and Scratch.

The students will also look at how computers can be connected together into networks, and the advantages and disadvantages of doing this.

A unit of work involves the students creating a small movie to show how computing has affected our lives. They will study how computing has changed over time and the effect that technology has on our everyday lives.

Students will also learn various features of both spreadsheet and database software and their application in business and everyday life.

At the end of each topic students will complete an assessment task to monitor their progress.


Half an hour per week on a topic relevant to the topic they are studying at the time.


  • Rasberry Pi club at lunchtimes.
  • Coding club.