Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to News Mills School. Our School is a warm and caring community for all students. We celebrate diversity and believe strongly in providing an environment where all young people thrive.

We believe in doing things the right way, starting and ending the day with the right attitude, the right ambitions and ultimately, achieving the right results. To do this we champion five core values, which are at the heart of how we think, interact and behave throughout the school. We aim to engender the values of respect, responsibility, resourcefulness, resilience and reflection, so that students leave us well equipped and qualified to play a positive and constructive role within society and in a rapidly changing world.

At New Mills, we demonstrate our culture of high expectations and personal responsibility daily and this ensures that our school’s success continues to build year on year.

Our core purpose is to support students of all abilities and backgrounds to develop high aspirations and achieve their potential. We encourage all students to work hard and aim high in order to succeed both academically and personally.

We nurture and build ambition for our students. Whilst your children grow into young people with us, we will open opportunities, broaden horizons and introduce challenges ensuring that in our five years together they are becoming the best that they can be.

We fully recognise that students have different interests, dreams, abilities and needs and our school’s broad and flexible curriculum reflects this. Staff are qualified and experienced in ensuring that students achieve their full potential regardless of their starting points. We offer a wide range of GCSE choices including Engineering, Astronomy, Computer Science, Art, Drama, Music, separate sciences and many more. Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom and our students are encouraged to participate in many other learning experiences that do not begin and end on the bell.

All students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and conduct. Discipline in the school is clear and consistent to ensure an orderly and effective learning environment in which we expect high standards of work, behaviour and uniform. We take pride in the positive partnership we have with parents and carers, knowing that when home and school work together we can ensure the very best opportunities for personal and academic fulfilment.

We are extremely proud to be the Co-Headteachers of New Mills School and consider it a privilege to be a part of such a vibrant and caring learning community.

Ms A Barker & Mrs C Jesson