Students in years 9, 10 and 11 follow a medium plan based upon the Edexcel GCSE specification.  This is a linear GCSE course and students will take all examinations in year 11; there is no controlled assessment or coursework in the Mathematics course.  There are two levels of entry at GCSE, Higher and Foundation, Grades 4 to 9 can be awarded from the Higher Tier and grades 1 to 5 can be awarded from the Foundation Tier. As far as is reasonably possible we enter students for the Higher Tier however where we feel that it best suits an individual, they will be entered for the Foundation Tier. Compared to key stage 3, key stage 4 adds an extra an emphasis on the ability to use and apply Mathematics to solve problems in the examination papers. Internal assessments take place throughout the year. The progress of students is closely monitored, and movement between sets may take place when appropriate.

Revision sessions are held in the lead up to the terminal exams in year 11. Tutoring and support is available throughout the year in the Maths area in every lunchtime and after school Tuesday – Friday.


All Y11 students: 

Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (9-1) 1MA1

Programme of Study


Students should expect to receive written and HegartyMaths homework tasks each week.


Maths Club for GCSE Higher students who are aiming for Grade 8-9: M3 on Tuesday after school
Maths Clinic for GCSE Higher students: M2 on Wednesday after school
Maths Clinic for GCSE Foundation students: M4 on Tuesday and Wednesday after school.
Maths homework club: M6 on Tuesday to Friday after school, help with revision, homework, access to computers for HegartyMaths homework.

GCSE Revision Materials

You can purchase GCSE revision workbook through the parents pay. Please check your tier with your Maths teacher before you order.