Students are grouped by tutor group from the outset of year 7; following a common transition programme of study for the first 4 weeks, the students will be assessed and set. These sets are fluid and changes take place at any time throughout both key stages 3 and 4.  During Key Stage 3 students follow an ambitious medium-term plan covering the key areas of number; algebra; shape, space and measure and data handling and probability.  The exact nature of the material covered is very dependent on the individual student; however, we aim for most students to begin GCSE work in year 7. 

Assessment is ongoing by members of staff using a range of measures and reported grades aim to take a holistic view of the student


All students:  Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (9-1) MA1

Programme of Study

KS3 National Curriculum Maths


Students should expect to receive written and HegartyMaths homework tasks every week.


Each year our talented students participate in the UK Mathematics Challenges at junior and team events.

Students working at below level 3 are supported by springboard maths sessions in registration time in the morning.
Maths homework club is on Tuesday to Friday after school, for help with revision, homework, access to computers for Hegarty homework.


Maths Extended Learning Booklet