Student Support

The well being of all our students is paramount to us.

We place great emphasis on developing and maintaining positive relationships between students, staff and parents/carers. This shared commitment will facilitate maximum academic progress, excellent behaviour, respect for learning and involvement in a wide range of challenging, stimulating and worthwhile activities.

All students are placed in tutor groups under the watchful eye and guidance of their form tutor. The form tutor is the key member of staff for the students in their care and will usually be the first point of contact for parents/carers and other members of staff. Form tutors become fully aware of the students’ individual needs, personalities, strengths and possible areas for support.  Parents/carers will also know that they are speaking to an informed member of staff who has already built up a bond of trust with their child.

Form tutors are ably supported and led by a year manager.  All our year managers are support members of staff who are in the fortunate position of devoting 100% of their time to the care and welfare of our students.

Year 7 Year Manager is Miss D Brooks

Year 8 Year Manager is Mrs N Hackney

Year 9 Year Manager is Mrs K Nield

Year 10 Year Manager is Miss N Quigley

Year 11 Year Managers are Mrs C Jesson / Mrs E Adrio (temporary)

Any issues/queries/concerns in relation to the care and well being of students should be directed to their form tutor in the first instance then to the appropriate year manager subsequently.