Every NMS student is entitled to access a diverse curriculum. The activities in this section take place within the school day so all students will experience them.

Tutorials and assemblies have a central role in our curriculum.

An overview of our tutorial and assembly programme can be found here.


Transitions Support

At NMS we recognise that students make transitions during their time at school. In this section you will fine information for all stages of school to support these transitions. In addition, we have a dedicated member of staff who has the responsibility for supporting these transitions, Miss Clarkson. You can contact her at school via email: sclarkson@newmillsschool.co.uk if you have a query. 

Cross Curricular Learning

Alongside subject learning, our students experience a broad curriculum that permeates through tutorials, assemblies and subject lessons. The aspects of cross curricular learning are described in this section, and include Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education (SMSC), Personal Development and Online Safety.