Parents of primary school children often become involved with the PTA. Summer Fetes, Valentine Discos, fund raising events, quiz nights; the events pack the calendar. Parents meet, friendships are formed and social circles grow.

All too often, however, when those children move to secondary school, parents seem to end their connection with the PTA, possibly considering that they have “done their bit” or feeling no need to further social ties. Yet Y7-11 are incredibly important and the PTA offer significant support in many ways.

What we are trying to do:

New Mills School Association/PTA is a registered charity. Money raised provides some of the additional resources to enhance our students’ education and experience at New Mills School.

In particular we strive to ensure that there are no barriers to any child participating in activities funded. Although not necessary, we hope that all money raised and our grants will help to fund sustainable provisions to be enjoyed by pupils for years to come. We also prefer pupils to be consulted and/or involved in funding decisions.

We sometimes act as the umbrella for interest groups in school raising funds for very particular projects eg. Solar Schools Project.

Monies are raised throughout the year at various events like the Christmas Fair and Curry and Quiz Night. Recently grants were awarded:

  • To fund a defibrillator now available in school and for its ongoing maintenance
  • £300 towards the behaviour reward fund
  • £350 towards the start up costs of Coding Clubs
  • £250 to fund “Animal Magic” for a day in school
  • £250 to help to fund transport to venues and events during year 10 Futures Week

Joining the PTA gives you the opportunity to meet other parents and members of the Community . We meet every couple of months for about an hour on a Thursday in the school library. Come along and join us. Even if you are unable to attend meetings you can email us your suggestions and join us at events.

If you are interested and wish to know more, please contact the school on 01663 743284 or email Christine Barker:  cbarker@newmillsschool.co.uk (Chair of the PTA) or Treasurer and Charity Trustee Cameron Moore: camdunc@hotmail.co.uk

We very much look forward to meeting you.

Fundraising for specific activities at New Mills School

The PTA raises funds in many of the traditional ways, e.g. Christmas Fair, Curry and Quiz, to distribute to projects that enhance the educational experience of our pupils.

If you have ideas for projects that will engage and/or benefit pupils at New Mills School, then please talk to us about funding or fundraising to enable it to happen.

There may also be times when projects are initiated and subsequently find that additional funds need to be raised for a variety of reasons. For example this might be the need to ensure that access to the project is not limited by the cost or, in particular, by some other barrier for disadvantaged students.

If the PTA can help, within it’s rules, with fundraising and administration in such circumstances, it probably will. You just need to ask.

Please contact the chair, secretary or treasurer of our organisation for information about how to ask the committee to support your project.

Chair: Chris Barker cbarker@newmillsschool.co.uk
Treasurer: Cameron Moore camdunc@hotmail.co.uk
Acting secretary: Maggie Cole: mcole@newmillsschool.co.uk

If your fundraising activities can be conducted under the PTA umbrella, we have a wealth of expertise to share. You will be able to ensure that your events have at their heart, safeguarding of the young people involved as well as the well-being of all those adult helpers and the general public. We hold public liability insurance for all PTA events. You may be required to show the documents by other organisations for events taking place on their property, e.g. supermarket bag packs.

The PTA will always help in whatever capacity it can.

New Mills School PTA Committee

PTA Committee member and Secretary needed

We are currently looking for someone to take on the role of Secretary.

  • Time commitment for this role is likely to be 3-4 hours per month and may be undertaken by one person or two people willing to work closely to:
  • ensure concise, accurate minutes of committee meetings are produced
  • ensure these are shared with all committee members
  • maintain regular meetings of the committee by sending out reminders and/or arranging meeting venue (though usually in the school library)
  • help to produce a short annual report to School and the Governing Body

The person(s) would become one of New Mills School & Sixth Form's much valued volunteers. No remuneration is available for this work although some small expenses may be payable.

Please contact Chris Barker, Chair of the PTA: cbarker@newmillsschool.co.uk or
Cameron Moore, Treasurer and Charity Trustee: camdunc@hotmail.co.uk
Chris and Cameron can also be contacted through the school: 01663 743284