Welcome Letter

It has been a very exhilarating first week as we welcome our older students back to New Mills School and start getting to know our new Year 7s. As ever, we find that the young people we work with are a breath of fresh air and we hope you have enjoyed your six weeks of quality time together!
Some parents will have been with us for GCSE results day on the 22nd August. It was a joy to share the successes of our students and hear about their plans for the future. 65% of New Mills School students achieved a grade of 4 (equivalent of an old grade ‘C’) or above in English and maths, with 80% in English and 70% in maths achieving grade 4+. In Biology, Physics, Music and Construction over 90% of students achieved grade 4 or above, with 100% of New Mills Schools’ musicians reaching this grade. In Chemistry, French, Art, Media and Engineering over 80% of students gained a grade 4 and above with many achieving the higher grades.

Of course none of this would have been achieved without the hard work of teachers and support staff and we are delighted to be welcoming new colleagues to join our team. New teachers include Mr Aspden and Ms Smith who will be teaching Maths, Mrs Wilson who is teaching English, Mrs Salthouse and Mr Scrivens who will be teaching MFL, Mr Key who will be teaching Computing and Mr Caswell who will be teaching Science. We also have two new Year Managers - Mr Bailey who will be looking after Years 8 & 9 and Mrs James who will drive and support Years 10 & 11. Our pastoral team will be strengthened by the addition of a Family Liaison Team. Mrs Hussey will be our Family Support Worker and Mrs Taylor (previously Year 11 Pastoral Manager) will be the senior Family Support Worker co-ordinating support and outreach over two schools – both here and at Glossopdale. We also are joined by Mrs Bartels who will become part of our excellent team of Teaching Assistants.

Another key appointment is Mrs Barber who will be filling the shoes of Mrs Bull, as the Heads’ PA. Should you wish to contact her, her email address is: dianebarber@newmillsschool.co.uk.
As well as new colleagues there are familiar faces stepping into new roles. Ms Barker and Ms Jesson are now co-Heads of School, In addition to the support they receive from Mr Withers as Assistant Head and Mr Cash as Business Manager, they will be joined by Ms Barnfather who will be working as an Assistant Headteacher in addition to her role as Faculty Leader for EBacc. This is to facilitate Mrs McGloin’s secondment as Headteacher for Glossopdale School, although she remains Executive Head over both schools and as such will be very much involved on the ongoing development of New Mills School.
As well as new faces, new technology will play a part in 2019-20. The following apps will be available to parents:

1. SIMS Parent app - Use this for the school diary, reports, personal data checking and student timetables. (Parents will be sent an invite email with code this week, if you haven't already accepted or used it)
2. Class Charts app - Use this for homework, rewards, conduct & detentions, attendance (A personalised code will be sent out this week)
3. Parent Pay - Use this for paying for anything school related (Parents need to contact finance if you don't have access, you will then be sent an access code via email)
4. Parents Evening System - Use this to book parents evening appointments (When you require access we will let you know how)

These should help us develop smoother partnerships between home and school. Through sharing information in a timely way we can work together to ensure your child has the most productive school experience.
From new tech to new kit; as you know it is now policy that all students have a clear pencil case large enough to store the necessary kit they routinely need to study a broad curriculum.

• 30cm clear pencil case
• 3 black pens
• 2 purple pens
• 3 pencils
• Pencil sharpener
• Eraser
• Clear 30cm ruler
• Highlighter
• Protractor
• Metal safety compass
• Glue stick

• Casio fx-83GT X or Casio fx-83GT PLUS scientific calculator
This may look like a long list but complete pencil case kits are available to purchase from the Finance office for £2.50 (calculator not included). We are introducing this because we know lesson time is precious. By saving time giving out and collecting in materials, there will be more time for learning. The pencil case must be transparent so tutors, teachers and parents can see at a glance that it has the necessary items in it. Furthermore, we believe strongly in the value of responsibility, and we are teaching our students that they need to arrive at a lesson fully equipped which links strongly with our core values.
Also driven by a desire to be more responsible, we are trying to use less paper wherever possible, so this year you will not be provided with a paper copy of the school calendar. You can however, access it on the school website. Please get in touch with reception if you require a hard copy and we will arrange for one to be sent home with your child. As always it’s a busy year for the school, but do note down dates of Parent Information Evenings, Parents Evenings and when you can expect assessments home.
It has certainly been an eventful summer and the Toddbrook Reservoir Crisis was a difficult time for the local community. Along with other schools in the area we want students negatively affected to have a named contact to discuss their concerns with should they have any. At New Mills School that is Mr Withers. Meanwhile, if you need to get in touch for any other reason full details are given on our website in the ‘contact us’ section.

Thank you for everything you have done to ensure that our first week back has gone so smoothly. Students have been in school, in uniform, on time and ready to learn and we are optimistic 2019/20 will be a rewarding year for all at New Mills School.