New Mills School Exam Results



The hard work, graft, concentration and nervous energy of pupils and teachers has been rewarded today as Year 11s collected their results at New Mills School.

Sixteen year olds and teachers rarely sleep well the night before GCSE results day, and students were at school early today to open their envelope and share their successes with family and friends. 65% of New Mills School students achieved a grade of 4 (equivalent of an old grade ‘C’) or above in English and maths, with 80% in English and 70% in maths achieving grade 4+.

In Biology, Physics, Music and Construction over 90% of students achieved grade 4 or above, with 100% of New Mills Schools’ musicians reaching this grade. In Chemistry, French, Art, Media and Engineering over 80% of students gained a grade 4 and above with many achieving the higher grades. Headteacher Debbie McGloin said “Our school prides itself on its broad and balanced curriculum so it is lovely to see such high attainment across such a wide range of subjects”.

The top three attaining students in the year are Katie Oxley who achieved 10 GCSEs including 4 grade 9s; Edward Smith who achieved 10 GCSEs including 3 Grade 9s and Sidney Barber who achieved 9 GCSEs including 5 grade 9s and a BTEC Level 2 distinction.

Debbie McGloin commented “New Mills is a truly comprehensive school, serving all the young people in our community and I am equally thrilled to be celebrating not just our most academic students but those students who may have had additional needs or challenges and achieved impressively nonetheless”.

Progress is just as important as attainment, if not more so. The following students achieved enormous success bearing in mind their different starting points.  Lucy Gough, Conner Buxton-Whittle, Amy Garside, Imogen Bott, Amelia Barton, Sidney Barber, Milllie Whitrow, Leon Boyd, Katie Oxley, Brodie Brownhill, Luca Fitzgibbon, Megan Oliphant, Nathan Needham, Bethany Broughton-Law and Joshua Brookes. Many of these students showed amazing resilience and dedication to their studies over the full two-years of the GCSE courses, which has paid off with them exceeding their targets. Lucy Gough, for example, leaves New Mills with 10 qualifications, 6 of these being two grades above her targeted grades.

In addition, Bruno Thome joined New Mills School in Year 9. His first language was Brazilian Portuguese and he had to learn English from scratch whilst also carrying on with his studies. We are really delighted that Bruno’s courage and engagement have paid off and he achieved 6 GCSEs at grade 4+ and five qualifications at grade 5.

Debbie McGloin added “This has been a very busy and positive year for New Mills School. Our teachers and leaders, supported by parental commitment and student engagement continue to deliver impressive outcomes for the young people of New Mills.

These achievements allow our students to follow the future path of their choice, whether that be into higher education, apprenticeships or other further training.

Sidney Barber - Delighted to see his excellent results including 5 Grade 9s


Friends, Brodie Brownhill and Talia Middleton were thrilled to achieve the GCSEs that open doors to their future ambitions

Brodie and Talia