Letter to parents

Dear Parent or Carer,

Friday 20th March will be the last day that New Mills School will be open to hundreds of students for a significant time and we wanted to update you on the activity over these last few days.

Tomorrow New Mills School will again be open to Year 7 and Year 11. Year 7 will follow their normal timetable and Year 11 will follow a slightly adapted day to allow them to have some semblance of the end-of-school rituals that normally happen related to the GCSEs.

For Year 7 it will be their last day at school for a while. The school library is allowing them to take 5 books out at one time to help tide them over this period away from school and keep nurturing the independent reading habit we encourage strongly here at school. Please can all parents, not just those of our youngest students, encourage their children to read regularly at home over the next few weeks or months.

From now on Year 7s and 11 will have work set for them in the same way as year 8, 9 and 10 on Class Charts. Teachers are using their best endeavours to ensure there will be a diet of suitable assignments for home learning and we hope our students will dig deep and remember all we have taught them about resourcefulness, reflection and resilience and engage as positively as possible with this new way of learning.

We have worked with our Year 11s today to find a way we can mark their (possibly) last day physically at secondary school in the following way.

  • Students are to come in wearing full uniform, and they are to take a selfie of some description during the school day. This will then be made into a Year 11 group image and shared with them at a later date.
  • There will also be a ‘video booth’ where students can drop in and record a short comment that can be made into a moving image year book, which will also be shared with them when it is edited.
  • If students bring in a shirt (not the one they are wearing!) clearly labelled and leave it in the library, other students will be given the opportunity to sign it.
  • The final lesson of the day will be given over to PE and there will be staff vs. students games and activities.

We are hugely grateful for the Media, PE Departments and the Library for facilitating these last minute activities.

Finally we are continuing to gather information to allow us to plan for the reduced provision we will be able to deliver over the next few weeks.

  1. If your child is entitled to free school meals you should have received a separate email to this one. Please can you reply at your earliest opportunity as this will help us continue to support your family in this way.
  2. We are also organizing a book/work pick-up for students in Years 8-10 who have unfortunately been unable to come to school over the last few days. You will have received an email about this earlier today. The deadline to be part of this is noon tomorrow.
  3. We have also carried out a ‘Key Workers’ poll. This is to help us estimate the numbers who may be involved in this initiative. If you think you fall into the criteria of a key worker, please can you fill this in as soon as possible. We can then contact you so you will know whether your child should attend school on Monday.

We appreciate this is a very ‘information-heavy’ letter and thank you for reading it carefully to this point.

Best Wishes,

Ms A Barker and Mrs C Jesson

Heads of School