NMS School opens to Years 7 and 11 only -17th March

NMS School opens to Years 7 and 11 only
Due to levels of staff absence related to the Coronavirus outbreak we are unable to open the school to all students. We have a significant number of staff with underlying health issues as well as some staff who are self-isolating due to themselves or family members having symptoms.
Having reviewed the amount of staff absence we have to manage in the current situation, we have decided that tomorrow the school will be open to pupils from year 7 and year 11 only. Year 11 have been prioritised because of this being their GCSE year. We hope that by accommodating our youngest students from year 7 we minimise the need for parents to find childcare.
Years 8, 9 and 10 students must remain at homeunless their parent or carer is an NHS key worker who will be unable to work because their child is not in school.
For these parents we will  endeavour to run a  mixed-age group to keep these students in school to support the work of the NHS.
If you need to use this service, please email Mrs Jesson tonight from your NHS work email address so she can plan provision and staffing for these students.
As well as teaching Y7 and Y11, teaching staff will endeavour to set appropriate work for their students in other year groups to work on at home, as soon as possible. Please use class charts to be get this information. In due course, we will also email out more detailed guidance for supporting your child in home learning.
Please remind children who remain at home of the Government advice of 'social distancing' and that they should avoid non-essential contact with others whilst they are not attending school.
We are very grateful for your flexibility and patience as we manage this emerging situation.