KS4 Core & Additional Science

At New Mills School science education is both broad in its range of topics and deep in its level of detail. Students learn about fundamental scientific principles and concepts that begin to explain the world around them. We provide ‘real world’ examples to anchor and develop the ideas so that our young people can take part in ongoing national and international debates which surround scientific discoveries. We engage the students through amazing demonstrations and practical investigations, and provide many opportunities to go beyond the curriculum and enrich understanding. This includes several chances to take part in local and national competitions.

Many students choose to study one or more science subjects to A-level and beyond, utilising the strong foundations the KS3 and KS4 science has provided. Students who do so have access to the numerous university courses and career options which hold the sciences in high regard due the high cognitive demand and the skills developed within the subjects.

KS4 Information

Double award students have 5 lessons of science per week. Each class will start with one of the three specialisms and stay with that teacher for a block of time. At a fixed date the classes rotate for their second specialism to a different teacher and so on through the year. Students are assessed through 6 exams and two pieces of coursework. They earn two separate GCSEs – Science, and Additional Science


We use the AQA suite of science qualifications. Science Aand Additional Science. Both specifications are available at http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/gcse

Please be aware that Science GCSE courses will change September 2016. Both content and assessment methods will change.


Students are set paper based HW once every 5 lessons. These are sets of review work sheets practicing content that has already been covered in lessons. It is tiered to match the tier of entry for their exams. HW will be collected once a week. It is up to the student if they want to spread out their HW and do a bit after each lesson, or leave it until it is due. Our expectations of students vary  according to  their target grade:


If students don’t meet these expectations they will earn sanctions!


In previous years we have run a trip to science live in Manchester to listen to lectures taken by eminent scientists including Professor Robert Winston, Professor Jim Al-Klalili and Professor Alice Roberts.

Every year we send students to the residential Salters chemistry camps at a number of different universities to become involved in exciting chemistry that is not possible in the school environment.

As opportunities arise visits and speakers will be arranged to enrich the curriculum