History KS4

Students in 2015 will be completing the SHP course including, Medicine Through Time, The American West, and a study of Quarry Bank Mill for their controlled assessment.

The Medicine through Time course will see students examine change and development over thousands of years by studying the history of Medicine. They will examine the causes of change and will also assess the impact of developments. They will also recognize continuity and the reasons why there might be a lack of change and development. Students will be assessed through examination questions after each section of the course. They will study medicine in, Prehistoric Times, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, The Middle Ages, )in Europe and the Islamic World)The Renaissance, Industrial Times and the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Students will study the History of the American West 1840-1895, this will include a section on the lives of the Plains Indians and how they adapted to life on the plains. It will also involve a study of the settlers who travelled to the west, including, Mountain Men, Miners, Pioneers, Mormons, Cowboys, and Homesteaders. They will also study the problems of law and order on the plains and the Plains Wars.

Both these sections will be examined at the end of the two year course.

Students will also visit Quarry Bank Mill and produce a site investigation as their controlled assessment. This work will require them to use their knowledge of Britain in this period to draw conclusions about the importance of the mill.


The GCSE specification is OCR; History A: Schools History Project - J415 (from 2013)


Homework will require students to produce examination questions answers after every unit, ie, after Prehistoric Medicine. Aside from these assessments students should go over lesson work by answering key questions after every lesson.


  • The Doctors Show, a revision trip for Medicine Through Time
  • Visit to the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds