History KS3

At KS3 we attempt to provide students with an overview of historical skills and knowledge, either as a foundation for GCSE studies or as a grounding that will help them to understand their world.

In year 7 we study the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, students will produce a presentation on the impact of empire and an assessment piece of extended writing. We also study the creation of England and the causes and impact of the Norman Conquest. Students will use their knowledge and sources to decide if the Conquest was a good thing. Students will study the key features of life in the Middle Ages, particularly the role of the Church and the role of Medieval kings.

In year 8 students will examine the changing roles of Monarch and Parliament 1500-1750. They will assess how and why these roles changed and what the impact of this was on ordinary people. They will also examine the causes and impact of religious change in this period and attempt to understand how important religion was to people’s lives.

Students will also study the reasons for changes in the period 1750-1900, they will also examine the social, economic and political impacts of these changes.

In year 9 students will study the world in the 20th Century, this will involve the study of the two world wars, their causes and impacts. They will also study the conflict between democracy and dictatorship and the impact of organizations such as the UN. They will examine cultural and religious conflict including the Final Solution/Holocaust and will study the causes of current conflicts in the world.

Throughout the course students will measure the impacts of change on the lives of ordinary people and attempt to understand the causes of continuity and change. Assessments will emphasize the skills of extended writing and the evaluation of sources together with knowledge to answer questions.


Homework may involve using the lessons key questions to summarize lesson work. There will be two large homework tasks each half term to enable students to complete assessments.


Students will have opportunities to experience History outside the classroom as we visit;

  • Buxton Museum, to meet the Romans
  • Castleton, to study Peveril Castle and the growth of the town
  • The Science and Industry Museum in Manchester
  • The Imperial War Museum in Manchester
  • The WWI battlefields

History Year 7 extended learning
History Year 8 extended learning
History Year 9 extended learning