Geography KS4

Exam board - AQA A GCSE Geography


Specification A highlights the critical importance of geography for understanding the world and for stimulating an interest in places. It will inspire students to become global citizens by exploring their place in the world, their values and responsibilities to other people and to the environment. The main focus is to develop an understanding of physical processes and factors that produce diverse and dynamic landscapes that change over time. This includes the interdependence of physical environments and the interaction between people and the environment as well as an understanding of the need for sustainable management of both physical and human environments.

Students will learn to appreciate the differences and similarities between people, places and cultures leading to an improved understanding of societies and economies.


  • Students are entered for 2 examination papers of 1.5 hours each = 75% of GCSE
  • 20 hours Controlled Assessment = 25% GCSE


Students are expected to complete a minimum of 1 hour homework per week.

The tasks will be in many different forms. However, the most common tasks will be research and development of case studies, and practice papers.


  • Master class sessions are available throughout the year.
  • Students are encouraged to support the KS3 clubs to further their understanding.