Humanities Faculty

Humanities at New Mills School includes a range of subject that all aim to develop understanding of vital skills, analysis, evaluation, explanation and the ability to communicate effectively in writing and through discussion and debate. Students will have the opportunity to use a range of different learning styles and materials which will develop their ability to learn effectively and help them to learn skills that will be useful in many careers.

History is taught throughout the school by two qualified historians with wide experience of working with examination boards. The study of History includes British history and a study of world history since 1900. The new GCSE and A level courses provide an exciting opportunity for students to also develop their independent research skills.

Geography is also taught at each key stage and is a popular choice for many students. Two qualified Geographers teach the subject at all levels and work hard to help students develop their Geographical skills.
Beliefs and Values is studied by students at Key Stages 3 and 4 and links well with the emphasis on discussion and debate promoted by other Humanities subjects. This course is designed to enable students to develop as individuals and as members of society as well as developing important academic skills.

Business Studies is taught at A level and GCSE and is extremely successful. Students develop their understanding of the world of work and also learn how to produce work independently. Expert teaching ensures that students gain excellent results.

Sociology and Psychology give students the opportunity to further expand their understanding of the Humanities at A level. These subjects demand an investigative and analytical approach to learning and develop the same high level of written communication demanded by other Humanities subjects.

This wide range of subjects develop complimentary academic skills and encourage a critical and analytical approach to learning.  In Humanities, we are successful in enabling our students onto Higher Education study and in equipping them for the world of work. We also play a key role in helping them to make sense of the wider world.

Business Studies

While it is obvious that those planning on working in most industries and prospective entrepreneurs should study business, all people should learn as much about business operations as possible.

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So many of the world's current issues – at a global scale and locally - boil down to geography, and need the geographers of the future to help us understand them.

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History is vital in helping us to understand our world. Key events in the present can only be completely understood if we know their history.

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