At KS3 students study topics in the three major scientific disciplines. Wherever appropriate we use practical learning experiences to help develop the science skills of prediction, planning, testing, analysing and evaluating.
The topics studied are:

Year 7 - Cells Tissues and Organs, Forces and Speed, Particles and Reactions, Reproduction, Energy Transfers, Rocks and Weathering
Year 8 - Sound and Heat, Keeping Healthy, Separating Mixtures, Light and Space, Body Systems, Atoms, Elements and Compounds, Life and Death
Year 9 – Photosynthesis, Inheritance and Variation, Chemical Reactions, Chemical Patterns, Forces Moments & Pressure, Electricity 

Topics are assessed through formal tests as well as through students class work and homework. Students will complete 20 minutes of questions on the topic just studied, plus 5 minutes of questions on each topic previously studied that year. Tests therefor increase in length through the year.


KS3 Science AQA


At KS3 students will receive one science homework every three lessons. Students select a homework task to complete from our “Takeaway HW” Menu. They then complete that task, basing the content on the current topic being studied. This is done on paper and handed in for feedback. They are judged on scientific content, presentation and “extras” which are described on the menu and awarded a number of ‘chillis’. These chillis are recorded and earn students access to rewards.


At the end of each topic students who need it have the opportunity to improve their understanding of the topic content through working with their teacher in a small group. Students who have mastered the core content have an opportunity to broaden and deepen their understanding of that topic by undertaking one of 6 enrichment tasks. These are:

  • Investigation,
  • Q&A,
  • Concept Cartoon,
  • Careers
  • Infographicsand Scientists

In addition to this there are several trips and a science club planned for launch in 2015-16.
Year 9 girls are offered the chance to visit Sheffield University to investigate careers and university courses involving STEM subjects.