KS3 Science


Year 7 and 8

In year 7 and 8, students will follow a teaching strategy of Know, Apply and Extend in order to ensure all students are given the opportunity to be challenged and achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves. 

Homework in year 7 and 8 comprises of online Seneca Learning tasks (see link below). There are also booklets for enhancement homework, if students would like to extend their learning further.

Seneca Learning link

Extracurricular opportunities

Opportunities are offered throughout the year for students to participate in a diverse range of activities. This has included,: CREST science award club, John Muir Award, Year 7 science club, Astronomy club. Trips have included Manchester Science Museum, Chester Zoo, National Space Centre, science homework rewards trips (Alton Towers and Bowling).


Year seven

Year eight

Working in a lab

Breathing and digestion

Cells and movement


Acids and alkali, metals and non-metals

The particle model and separating mixtures

Inheritance and evolution

Energy transfer and work

Heating, cooling and energy costs

Variation and human reproduction


Types of reactions and chemical energy

Voltage, resistance and current

Wave properties effects

Interdependence and plant reproduction

Sound and light


Periodic table and the elements

Photosynthesis and respiration

Contact forces, speed and gravity


GCSE required practical preparation

Extended homework workbooks

Year 7 Term 1
Year 7 Term 2
Year 7 Term 3
Year 8 Term 1
Year 8 Term 2
Year 8 Term 3