Communications Faculty

The communications Faculty at New Mills School comprises of the Modern Foreign Languages, ICT and Media departments and together we deliver courses in French, German, Information Technology, Computer Science and Media Studies.  The department boasts a wealth of experience with 8 fully qualified graduate members of staff, the majority of which are well into their second (and in some cases third) decade of teaching.  All of our staff are dedicated to achieving the best for all of our students; to help them reach their full potential and supporting them in developing into mature, tolerant, considerate adults.  

We have an excellent track record in providing stretch and challenge for all of our learners; ensuring that all students of all abilities are provided with work that challenges them to exceed their own horizons.  We aim to make the lessons and the work we deliver fun and enjoyable, engaging students fully in their learning and insisting upon the highest standards of behavior and effort at all times.

As a disparate Faculty we recognize the need for a curriculum that meets the needs of all students; from the artistic to the academic, the techie to the theorist.  Our lessons cater for all students providing stimulation and challenge in equal measure.  Communication has taken a central role in the modern world; whether it be social media, video chat or the written word we strive to equip our students with the knowledge and ability to tackle the challenges the world beyond the school gates will bring.


The Technology Department consists of three members of staff who specialise in Catering, Product Design and Construction.
The Design & Technology department at New Mills School and Sixth Form are committed to delivering a curriculum that is accessible to all students.   We aim to develop motivated, committed and confident learners who can work and develop their ideas independently, but can equally work just as well as a team.

The department believe that the key to success is through actually ‘doing’ and through experimenting and taking risks through their work they will evolve into imaginative and resilient learners.  They use modern technologies along with more traditional methods. It is vital students learn about the social and ethical responsibilities of designers and engineers and the global environmental and economic significance of working with finite resources.

The three technology GCSEs offered include Product Design GCSE which develops students into inventive and resilient learners where they are given the opportunity to design and create their own innovations.  Through the Catering GCSE students research the menus of the world and develop the skills to create, design and implement their own menus, and through the Construction GCSE students are able to develop employability skills through theory and application of practical skills increasing opportunities for apprenticeship placements.