Spiritual learning at New Mills School is embedded within the Drama curriculum at KS3-5 through the experience and emotion of response to the creative process. Learners are encouraged to explore their own beliefs and understand the perspectives of others through a varied curriculum, which covers a range of topics and issues.


Moral education in Drama at New Mills School allows our students to express their own response to many sensitive topics that expose moral dilemmas and a wide range of opinions and emotions. Students in all Key Stages will be expected to engage in critical discussion in response to challenging topics and we feel that this is an integral process in their learning and development. Students will develop an ability to recognise the differences between right and wrong when exploring topics dramatically and apply this understanding to their own lives.


Social education in the Drama department is a key focus, looking at how to develop the students into mature, confident young adults. Through collaboration in all lessons pupils develop essential social skills as they experience the necessity of pooling ideas, then selecting and developing them using effective co-operation and mutual agreement.  All students learning Drama in KS3-5 have the opportunity to explore and express ideas and feelings. Throughout this process, students will develop their ability to identify, listen to, understand and respect the views and values of others in discussion.


Cultural education in Drama at New Mills School involves students developing an aesthetic appreciation of the arts drawn from a wide variety of traditions with a diverse range of genres, forms and purposes. Pupils are presented with opportunities to explore aspects of their own culture and begin to recognise and appreciate difference. This is experienced through the topics/issues studied, the exploration of drama practitioners and plays, and the drama they watch to enrich their learning.