Students receive one lesson a week in drama from a specialist teacher in Years 7, 8 and 9. Students will research, discuss and use drama techniques to explore character, themes, ideas and situations. They will devise and present scripted and improvised dramas in response to a range of stimuli, demonstrating their ability to investigate ideas, situations and events and an understanding of how theatre can communicate in innovative, challenging ways. They will experiment with sound, voice, silence, movement, stillness, light and darkness to enhance dramatic action and use theatre technology creatively. They will take part in scenes from plays by a range of dramatists and recognise the particular contributions that directors, designers and actors make to a production.


Homework will take a wide variety of forms including learning lines, researching an issue or context, scheduling and attending a group rehearsal independently, writing in role, writing analysis, practicing a practical skill.


Showcase auditions students from all year groups to take part in productions and plays that are larger than those that can be staged as part of the curriculum. Entry is selective, based on open auditions that are held at different points throughout the year.

KS3 Curriculum Map Drama