New Mills School is committed to providing our students with the highest quality education available.  To help us achieve this, we encourage and value volunteer involvement.  We are committed to equality and diversity and welcome volunteers from all backgrounds to engage in a rewarding volunteer experience. 

We are actively seeking out new ways to involve volunteers and will be posting requests for specific roles as these are developed.  Our current volunteers assist with gardening, some informal reading support and through the PTA and Governing Body, and we intend to expand our numbers and opportunities in the future.

Our Aims for Volunteer Involvement

  • To enrich the curriculum
  • For students to benefit from the skills and expertise of our volunteers
  • To make volunteers feel valued and involved in our school
  • To strengthen relationships within our local community

Frequently asked questions:

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your local community and make a real difference whilst doing something inspiring. As well as giving you a sense of fulfilment, it is also a great way to boost your CV and your employment chances.

What support do volunteers receive?

If you’re volunteering with us you’ll have regular contact with a named supervisor, and be taken through a comprehensive induction process so that you fully understand the role, your responsibilities and how you are contributing to the success of the school.   You’ll be asked for feedback to help us improve our volunteer involvement and deliver meaningful and rewarding experiences to all our volunteers.

How much time do I need to give?

You can volunteer for as much or as little of your time as you like, just so long as you complete any activity you’re confirmed as a volunteer for. Most of our volunteer opportunities exist within office hours, and require regular commitment during term-term only.

Does volunteering affect my benefits?

No, volunteering is unpaid. However, you will need to ensure you’re continuing to fulfil the conditions of any benefit or tax credit you receive, so for example, if you receive Jobseeker’s Allowance you will need to show that you are still actively seeking paid work.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

Our current volunteering opportunities are:

Minibus Driver

You’ll be the key to making our trips happen! We need volunteers willing to undertake free, nationally recognised, MIDAS training to become qualified to drive the HST minibus, transporting staff and pupils to a wide range of sporting, celebratory and educational events.

You’ll be picking up the bus, taking charge if the vehicle for the duration of the trip and returning it (and the staff and pupils!) back safe and sound at the end of the trip.

See the Role Description here

Accompanying Adult –School Trips

Supporting the School Trip leader to safeguard pupils on day trips, you’ll be essential in making sure that we can offer out pupils the opportunities to explore learning environments, participate in exciting events  and celebrate achievements away from school.

You’ll need to be willing to undertake basic Child Protection/Safeguarding training, able to work as part of a team under the direction of the School Trip leader  and have an appreciation of the attitude needed to work with young people.

This is a rewarding and varied role; the duration and nature of trips varies widely, and you may choose to sign up for as many or few as you wish.  You’ll be gaining free entry to attractions/events and the chance to work with our pupils as part of a team.

See the Role Description here

Volunteer Application Form here

For further information on either of the above opportunities:

Contact: Garry Cash
Phone:   01663 743284         
email:    gcash@newmillsschool.co.uk

To learn more about the various volunteer opportunities at New Mills School, please contact Garry Cash, Business Manager: gcash@newmillsschool.co.uk