Tutorial Information

How does the tutorial system work?

Tutorial support is provided by a specialist team of four dedicated Sixth Form tutors who are overseen by the Head of Sixth Form, Mr Nick Munn.  This team includes staff responsible for admissions, careers, study skills and the tutorial programme.
Tutor groups are arranged by year group, and contain about twenty students.  Most of the time, students can expect a typical tutorial week to look as follows:

  • Mondays—assembly day
  • Tuesdays—acting as a learning mentor in a form group lower down the school
  • Wednesdays—all students with form tutors for a taught tutorial programme
  • Thursdays—appointment-based time in a one-2-one session with the form tutor to provide individualised careers guidance and teacher-based interventions
  • Fridays—all students with form tutors for a taught tutorial programme

In all cases, attendance is compulsory, although not every pupil will have an appointment with their form tutor in the Thursday sessions every week.

The weekly Monday assembly is given either by a member of SLT, the Head of Sixth, one of the Sixth Form tutors, an external speaker of by some of the students themselves.  

Attendance is monitored by our guidance team support staff through our electronic registration system (SIMS), with concerns being referred to tutors and the Head of Sixth as appropriate.  Tutors are available to see students individually on Thursdays during tutorial time and when they are free of other lesson commitments to meet individually with students.