Healthy Schools

What is a healthy School?

At New Mills we believe that being healthy, safe and cared for, as well as having a voice and influence, are fundamental prerequisites to being ready to learn and achieving true potential.  Healthy eating is a key part of this, affecting both physical and mental health.

Healthy Eating

New Mills School encourages all students to eat a healthy diet. Our dining hall is open before school and at both break and lunchtime offering a wide range of foods to students.  As well as the ‘Meal of the Day’, there is always a selection of salads, pasta, sandwiches and jacket potatoes.  No fizzy drinks, sweets or crisps are sold at school.

The kitchen works on a three week menu (choices are subject to variation).  Your child can have a hot meal deal for just £2.30, which includes a main course, sweet and drink.

Cashless Catering Information

All students are given an account.  Payments are made directly into this account by cheque or cash, rather than items being paid for by cash at the till.  Money can be deposited into the special facilities in the dining hall or sent into school directly by parents.

  • A cashless system speeds up the provision of meals at busy times, ensuring that all students have adequate time to consume their snack or meal.
  • Some parents prefer to deposit money themselves rather than entrust this to their children.
  • There is less chance of students forgetting dinner money.
  • If we spend less time on administration tasks like counting money and banking, we can keep down the cost of food.
  • When necessary, parents can limit the spending money of their child and monitor what is being purchased within school.

Other Aspects of Health

To promote physical well-being, students are encouraged to engage in physical activity both within the core provision and in extra-curricular time where a variety of activities are on offer (see C.A.P.A. section in ‘Academic Life’ and Extra-Curricular in the ‘Beyond the Classroom’ section).  Mental health is supported by the provision of a counsellor 1 day per week and close liaison with supporting agencies (see Extended Services)

School Menu

For a sample of what the School menu has to offer please click here