Business Network

New Mills School’s Business Network meets on a monthly regular basis on a Thursday morning between 7.30 – 9am in the School Library.  Breakfast is provided at a nominal charge of £2.50.

The Network meets up to :-

  • Support and serve the interests of local business in the local community and surrounding area.
  • Provide local businesses with an opportunity to meet up and promote their business
  • Network and share ideas.
  • Build a close collaborative partnership between the school and the local community
  • Provide structured volunteering opportunities for businesses to share their skills and expertise within school.

We have a guest speaker at each event presenting on a wide variety of subjects. The Network is very welcoming and the atmosphere of the meetings is friendly and relaxed.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 17th of March. David Roberts, Business Development Manager from Buxton and Leek College will be presenting.

Future Meeting Dates:-


October 20th - Speaker Simon Belt
Nov 24th
Dec 16th


Jan - 19th
Feb - 23rd CANCELLED
Mar - 23rd
Apr - 27th
May - 25th
Jun - 22nd
Jul - 18th

All are welcome to join the meetings and breakfast can be provided.

For more information log on to NewMillsWeb or to book a place contact Christine Barker at New Mills School on 01663 743284 or email Christine Barker [email protected]