Science Faculty

We are aware that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers drive all nations’ innovation and competitiveness by generating new ideas, new companies and new industries. Across the globe growth in STEM jobs has increased much faster than non-STEM jobs.  We aim to stimulate our students’ enthusiasm for these subjects to increase their prospects in the employment sector of the future by developing self-assured and independent members of a high tech society. We strive to ensure that learners develop scientific, technical and practical competences as well as the wider skills valued by employers.  One of our key priorities is for students to be problem solvers who are not afraid of making mistakes.


The Science Faculty comprises five teaching members of staff with specialisms in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.  All are committed to ensuring that students acquire the skills to investigate, analyse and evaluate the world around us.  We also aspire for students to develop an informed interest in matters of scientific significance, in order that they are aware of the implications of science for the individual, community, environment and the economy.  They will gain the knowledge to give an informed opinion on contemporary issues such as; cloning, genetic engineering, IVF and nuclear power, thus identifying that science has the ability to be both valuable and disadvantageous to our lives.

We promote the importance of Science as a core qualification for all students not only for employers, colleges, apprenticeships and University, but also for their future lives where Science plays such a key role in our general day to day living.  As a core subject it is compulsory that all students at New Mills study the Combined Science: Trilogy (8464) at GCSE. We also offer the separate sciences as a Triple Award at GCSE (Biology (8461), Chemistry (8462) and Physics (8463)). This course of study is particularly suitable for the students who intend to continue with their science to A Level and even further.  

Science Extra Curricular Programme

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