English Faculty

The English Department at New Mills School currently comprises five fully qualified graduate members of staff, all dedicated to achieving the best for all students by enabling everyone to read widely with understanding and pleasure, to write accurately, neatly and imaginatively, and to speak and listen to one another with assurance, tolerance and effectiveness in a wide range of situations.

We encourage and reward our top achievers, while giving clear and practical guidance on how to learn from errors and improve performance. We aim to make the tasks we deliver enjoyable, stimulating and stretching, insisting that students work with us to offer the highest standards of effort at all times.

We recognise the importance of gaining good English qualifications, the critical part that English will play in students’ lives beyond school. Entry into GCSE Language and Literature is compulsory at New Mills and students will receive two separate qualifications as a result. Beyond that, both Language and Literature are strong AS/A-level choices. Our Y13s may go on to study Literature or Linguistics at university; alternatively, we find that students with strengths in other areas still recognise the worth of an English qualification, complementing their other choices, providing a strong foundation for written assessment elsewhere or simply proving to universities/organisations that they are advanced communicators.